who we are

HotelPlan , a company specializing in importing and distributing the best professional equipment for the hotel and dining industry, was founded in 2002 with the participation of the four topmost distributors in this field.

hotel plan group - Kariotis -Paliouris - Target Papadakis - F&B Fotiadis

Our company is aiming in presenting a collection of the most complete and up-to-date supply in professional equipment for hotels, restaurants, catering services, bars, conference halls, and banquet facilities. Part of this collection can be seen in our 2013 catalogue. Our criteria for the selection of products included in our collection pertain to their performance and innovation, as well as their suitability to be used in places where sanitation is highly observed. Same criteria apply to obtain the best relevance between quality and price and to provide assurance that our products are friendly to the environment.

In those eight years of our common effort we managed to import products directly from more than 50 different manufacturers worldwide, such as:

 pintinox  schonwald hepp metalcarreli
  sanelli ambrogio  vama  martellato  
 pentole agneli      

New partnerships

 villeroy boch mepra  hostelvia

Besides the HotelPlan imports, we moved along to selective strategic alliances with the largest importers and distributors of professional equipment in our country and incorporated in our catalogue items from their collections.


Another equally important target in our company has always been to create the proper infrastructure of our enterprise. For this reason and in order to serve you better, we have focused in excellent personnel, in having adequate supply in stock, and in having developed a modern system of supply and delivery.

Our facilities cover a generous showroom and storage space over 8,500 m². We offer more than 12,000 items in stock, use certified logistic systems and an efficient number of delivery vehicles for a wide coverage of itineraries. Most importantly though, our exceptional customer service team run by experienced professionals and familiar with the status of our operations are always present to respond directly, efficiently and promptly to all your requests.